Brought to you by our sibling company Mission Travel, Selah creates opportunities to send you to experience God’s amazing world.  We understand that travel is a special experience. In many ways it’s an investment in your life and when travelling with your family you are creating life-long memories. We have a variety of options including a mixture of fast paced to relaxed paced tours. Some of our tours have an option for daily devotions and all of them have pauses for ‘selah-moments’ sprinkled throughout the tours.

By providing an opportunity to travel with like-minded people, we know you're going to connect with others that make your travel an enriched experience. With over 25 years of travel experience, Lisa Tarzia, Managing Director of Selah, has carefully crafted the itinerary of these tours.

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Travel Insurance

We are pleased to offer our clients  20% off travel insurance.


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