Selah creates opportunities for you to experience God’s amazing world.  We understand that travel is a special experience. In many ways it’s an investment in your life and when travelling with your family you are creating life-long memories. We have a variety of options including a mixture of fast paced to relaxed paced tours. Some of our tours have an option for daily devotions and all of them have pauses for ‘selah-moments’ sprinkled throughout the tours.

By providing an opportunity to travel with like-minded people, we know you're going to connect with others that make your travel an enriched experience. With over 30 years of travel experience, Lisa Tarzia, Managing Director of Selah, in collaboration with the tour leaders and ground operators, has carefully crafted these unique itineraries.

1 September 2023
Explore the Holy Lands with a group of like minded Christian travellers and escorted by Bishop Richard Condie and his wife Helen. This two week tour will bring your Bible reading to life as you re-trace the footsteps of Jesus, his disciples and the faithful. A not to be missed opportunity!

An amazing opportunity for Christians to travel together exploring the key sites of the New and Old Testament throughout Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

The tour includes the key ministry sites of Jesus as well as some fun,like floating in the Dead Sea, and epic experiences, including the Masada fortress and Petra,one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

We have included some free time for you to explore on your own and have included as many meals and inclusions as we can to minimise extra costs when you arrive.


14 Days $5399
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5 April 2023
This tour is 5 years in the making (thanks covid!). But it will be worth the wait. Celebrate Easter on the Sea of Galilee and attend the Dawn service at Gallipoli. Just incredible!

If you are interested in walking in the footsteps of Jesus, sailing Galilee, climbing Masada, discovering lost cities, experiencing fascinating cultures, having fun with new friends and falling in love with the places of the Bible, then this trip is for you!  Andrew and Karen’s goal for this trip is “To introduce the joy of significant, impacting, spiritual pilgrimage to friends and family – and have a blast doing it!”


14 Days $6700
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25 October 2022
Dr John Dickson is a national treasure, an amazing scholar and a really great bloke! We will investigate the key sites of Jesus’ life, explore his cultural background, separate fact from fiction, and piece together how a peasant preacher changed the course of history.

What really happened in first-century Galilee and Judaea? Join author and historian John Dickson on a journey throughout the length and breadth of modern Israel—from the Dead Sea to Lake Galilee, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. We will investigate the key sites of Jesus’ life, explore his cultural background, separate fact from fiction, and piece together how a peasant preacher changed the course of history.

Rather than a spiritual pilgrimage, this tour is a historical and cultural adventure, complete with daily onsite lectures from Dr Dickson covering the Varieties of First-Century Judaism, the Social and Political Influence of Rome, Jesus the Healer, the Causes of his Death, How Christianity Spread, and much more. Find out more about John Dickson at

10 Days $5498
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