A Hebrew Word For An Intentional Pause To Reflect.

Helping Christians Go Deeper In Their Faith

In our high-paced lives, Selah offers experiences for Christians to go deeper in their faith by offering travel, retreat and workshop opportunities.

We have local retreats designed to refresh and replenish, as well as travel opportunities including Holy Land and Bible Tours, or simply travel to a beautiful destination with like-minded people.


The concept of 'Selah' was birthed Lisa Tarzia's personal experience.  As the Executive Director of  Mission Travel, Lisa has always been passionate about travel that transforms.  Through her own journey, 'selah-moments' she experienced were life changing.  This drew her to a place where she wanted to provide opportunities for Christians to have these moments.

"Escaping from the busyness of life and making an intentional choice to stop and go deeper in faith is what I want to create," says Lisa.

Selah provides these opportunities through retreats, workshops and travel.  Custom made for the Australian Christian, the heart behind Selah is for people to grow and be transformed.  

The power of pausing and reflecting is incredible. As A.W. Tozer writes 'More spiritual progress can be made in one short moment of speechless silence in the awesome presence of God than in years of mere study.'




Lisa Tarzia
 Managing Director

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Mark Gordon
 Travel Operations Manager


Maria Teychenné
Administration Assistant


Matt Mitchell
Travel Consultant


Melanie Selvam
Travel Consultant

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Cathy Lee
 Travel Consultant

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Josh Daniel
Travel Consultant


Mitch Sigley


Let’s unpack the relationship between Selah and Mission Travel For 13 years, Mission Travel has been servicing mission and humanitarian work around the globe by providing specialised and quality travel services.  Whether it be an NGO, mission organisation or an individual going on a mission trip, Mission Travel has operated a highly specialised service over the years with full accreditation in the travel industry, access to exclusive airfares and highly experienced travel consultants.  Combined with offering mission specialised services, Mission Travel also operated Holy Land and Bible Tours as well as some Christian leisure tours. Over the years, it became evident that we need to separate out the two areas of Mission and Holy Land tours. Therefore, as of January 2019, Mission Travel will be all things missions and continue to run the Giving Back program, where 50% of profits are donated to missions.  While Selah will be travel and tours to Holy Land and…

“I’ve had a few ‘selah-moments’ in my life”says Lisa, “but two are very much in the forefront of my mind. The first was at the beach not long after my mum had died. I was 21 and grieving deeply. In the moment of being still in God’s creation, the vastness of the ocean and the rhythm of the waves crashing on the shore, I felt the tangible presence of God comforting me and letting me know that she was okay. It is something I have not forgotten,” says Lisa.